Wake By Night

Some of us were meant to be Diurnal but ended up found ourselves awake during the night being dubbed Nocturnal

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i don’t know Why you’ve shut me out. for some odd reason, you took a new route. i must’ve said or done something, because I don’t know How two similar people could be so distant, how could You write me off in such an instant. you Said that “we weren’t close” it got me Teary-eyed … Continue reading Why?


Why are you on my mind? You’re somebody else’s, how could I be so blind? Still, that doesn’t stop me from dreaming of us, But it always leaves me with such self-disgust. I shouldn’t covet But I can’t help it I know it’s something I should regret. I must not envy But why can’t I … Continue reading Covet


How can I say that you hurt me without sounding dramatic? You got me going days with my emotions going erratic. You’d think I’d be over it by now. I still end up crying on the ground. I’m making noise, but you just can’t hear the sound. Why can’t you see all the damage you’ve … Continue reading Unheard

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